About Shearwall Pro

Scott In Convertible.pngShearwall Pro was born from the question of "How can we do this better?" When Shearwall Pro creator Scott Ogren graduated from the University of Portland and began working as an engineer, he was doing all lateral calculations by hand. This was tedious and time consuming, not to mention very repetitive.

With over 25 years of experience providing structural engineering for wood-framed buildings, Scott Ogren, who is the Principal Engineer and Founder of Ogren Engineering, was constantly writing programs and spreadsheets to perform structural engineering calculations faster and make the process easier.

By continuously asking questions and constantly searching for answers and improving what he had been building on, the beginning of what would eventually become Shearwall Pro was started early in Scott's engineering career. Then, in the summer of 2022 during a conversation with a client, Scott had an epiphany that almost all of the pieces of Shearwall Pro were built. All that needed to happen was to create a user interface suitable for non engineers, so he wrote the user interface and Shearwall Pro was born.

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