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Program Requirements

There are a few requirements home designers and architects must meet to be able to use the Shearwall Pro software.

  1. You must have a current version of Microsoft Excel. Not all of the functions that are used in the calculator will work in older versions of Excel. How to check for the latest version: For Excel on Windows, navigate to File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.
  2. You must allow Shearwall Pro (and the spreadsheet author) to allow macros to run on your computer. The calculator uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros and the calculator will not function without the macros being able to run. Instructions for how to install the Shearwall Pro digital certificate will be provided.
  3. You must submit at least five (5) projects per year. If you do not submit the minimum number of projects in a given year, you are subject to being removed from the program.
  4. You must submit drawings to Shearwall Pro / Ogren Engineering to be stamped in one of the following formats:
    • AutoCAD (.DWG)
    • Revit (.RVT)
    • .DXF file
  5. Invoices are due immediately when they are issued. If you have any invoices that are more than 30 days past due, no new projects will be reviewed and stamped until all of your billing is fully paid.
  6. Your projects must be in states where we are licensed engineers.
    • Oregon
    • Washington
  7. You may not do anything to Reverse Engineer or attempt to Reverse Engineer Shearwall Pro Software. You may not unlock or attempt to unlock to get past the Shearwall Pro security. Shearwall Pro is the intellectual property of Scott Ogren and any attempt to unlock, reverse engineer, or any other act that violates the integrity of the software that is distributed will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.
  8. You may not redistribute Shearwall Pro software. Shearwall Pro software is available only to people that have been approved to be in the Shearwall Pro Program. Apply to be approved to be in the Shearwall Pro Program. Approval will occur after review by Shearwall Pro staff and owner.

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